Tecmarin 1990

State of the art technologies for subacuatic investigations

Oceanographic equipment

  • Geopulse
  • Special 3.5KHz profiler
  • Digital simultaneous Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar
  • Electric winch with electronic remote control
  • Shaft with wireless meter counter
  • Side Scan Sonar Depressor
  • Multibeam echosounder
  • Sound Velocity Profiler (SVP)
  • Movement sensor
  • Acoustic profiler for special applications
  • Diferential GPS (12 channels)
  • Diferential GPS Dual antenna with heading
  • VanVeen sampler
  • Light-weight vibrocorer(4-6m) with water inyection
  • Light-weight Piston Corer 0.5m-1.5m
  • Dual channel seismic printer
  • Light-weight cabinated ship

Subject to availability

  • Parametric echosounder
  • Pressure or float digital tidemeter
  • Precission motion reference unit with heading
  • Acoustic positioning
  • Magnetometer - gradiometer
  • High precission multibeam echosounder


  • Hypack - HySweep: digital navigation and adquisition
  • Seismic digital processing
  • SSS digital processing and mosaicing

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