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State of the art technologies for subacuatic investigations.

Subacuatic archaeology

Thel submerged heritage belogns to our history, just like everything which can be found on surface. Thanks to this remains, archaeologist analyze and document all sorts of situations such as: cultural, social, economical, comercial, technological, etc. which help increase our knowledge from past periods.

Under the water they can appear as sunken ships, several types of constructions and ports, and a very large list of objects and scraps.

This sunken heritage is ussually asociated to treasures with a high economical value, but we considerate much more important the historical value it has as a mark from our ancestors. We share this opinion with the proffesionals to hom we give our support and our experience.

We participate in training courses for submacuatic archeologists trying to introduce them in the new technologies available to obtain fast and effective information both in surface elements as in buried ones. This technologies are always non intrusive, so they do not alterate the site investigated nor its environment.

Depending on the remains to locate, we make a preliminary study, with the archaeologist director of the project, to determine the more suitable technologies and methodologies. These have direct relation with subacuatic geology and geophysiscs, and we customize sistems to obtain the best resolution and quality, indispensable in these type of projects.

We process the information with digital medium, handing in a final report printed and in digital medium (report, maps and even 3D models), así como el conjunto de los raw data obtained.




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