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State of the art technologies for subacuatic investigations

Customized subacuatic technologies

Tecmarin 1990 sl, was created in January 2007 in an effort to lead its fundator wide experience in oceanography, and the quality of the proffesional team who are part of this project.

We offer a wide variety of services, including consultancy, supervision, and surveys and even ellaborating final reports. Not only we collaborate with those companies who ask for our services, but also we collaborate with the scientific community. We give them our knoledge about the latest techologies and our technical media in their projects.

Although the main activity in our company is subacutic geology and gophysics, we have a wide experience in other fields which are related to marine medium or shalow waters (rivers, dams, lakes...) We also offer media to do bottom sampling, even inalterated ones, for its later on biochemical or sedimentology analysis.

We have great interest in the care and maintenance of the sumerged heritage, that's why we offer the best non intrusive techniques (which won't affect the medium)to help subaquatic archaeology. To promete the responsibility and the interest on the underwater culture, we collaborate with prestigious national organizations contributing with our experience and media.

We are committed to taking care of our environment. The equipment we use won't affect it, as they work with sound or measuring parameters in a passive way. A proof of its harmlessness are those dolphins playing around us while we are in the middle or a survey

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