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State of the art technologies for subacuatic investigations

Services we provide

Subacuatic technological consulting

We advise your company or institution the best way to use the technologies for your subacuatic investigation, and we inform you about the latest available for your project. We provide turnkey solutions adapted to the needs set out both in a technological and economical way.

Survey engineering

We provide in complete solutions, adjusted to the aims set up by the client. This covers from planning, managing systems and vessels to the survey data adquisition, to its complete processing and analysis, including preparing the cartography and final reports with the highest standards. In every single case we hand in the original data obtained as well as the processed data in a secure digital format.

Customized and 360º solutions

Our solutions cover from shallow waters, with a small layer of water, to oceanic depths, including rivers, lakes, dams, harbours, beaches, subacuatic emissaries, etc. We also cover from high resolution to geological stuctures. With the means at our disposal we can customize systems or applications, adapting them to the clients' needs.

Maintenance and technical service

Installing, operating and technical support come from our very proffesional beginnings. This permits us to offer our clients from training to operate the given solutions, as well as an efficient maintenance service, even avoiding the need to suspend other operations in the vessel.

Technological supervision

Our knowledge and vast experience of the metodology and equipment in the acuatic environment, makes us capable to supervise projects from their first approach, technical evaluation of the offers, and course of the works, up to the processing and final reports. Everything done among the higher confidenciality and with no technological limit.



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